Pearls Can Cure Cancer?

Pearls are not only showing the beauty of it in jewelry, but also have the greatness to cure cancer. Really?

Reported by Zeenews, research conducted Pearl Aquaculture Research Foundation, Port Blair, India stated that the pearls are produced through a special culture techniques believed to contain traces of some metals and minerals that are known to have health benefits.

Ajai Kumar Sonkar said that he and his team have produced pearls in a controlled environment in the laboratory in aseptic conditions. Pearls were found to contain trace metals and minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, calcium sodium, and potassium.

pearl cancer
source: inilah.com

According to him, the pearl contains essential nutrients for bodily functions such as metabolism, growth, or the immune system.

In line with the study of Sonkar, a study published in the British Journal of Cancer states that zinc acts as an antitumor, functions that can prevent cancer cell growth.

Zinc deficiency in the body cause delayed wound healing. Zinc is also found its role in weight loss, help reduce the severity and duration of illness such as flu and others.


Coffee To Cause Hallucinations?

Consuming coffee is fun. However, coffee also save the adverse effects. Take it in excess can cause hallucinations. Similarly, research conducted by experts at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

The study involved 92 people found that those who consumed up to five cups of coffee or more likely to hallucinate. This is due to the high content of caffeine in coffee. Caffeine is the most commonly used psychoactive drug.

Simon Crowe, head of research said that there is a correlation between high levels of stress and psychosis, and caffeine was found to correlate with areas prone to hallucinations. The combination of caffeine and stress affect an individual experiencing similar psychosis symptom.

Excessive coffee consumption may also increase the stress that can lead to an attack of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a brain disease caused by an imbalance of dopamine, which is one of the chemicals in the brain cells.

Schizophrenia is also the most common psychotic mental disorders, with characteristic loss of feelings of affective or emotional response and withdrew from the normal interpersonal relationships. The attack of the disease followed by delusions and hallucinations.


Stop fatty foods To Avoid Diabetes

Did you know that the incidence of metabolic and endocrine diseases currently quite high? These diseases are chronic and progressive so that the monitoring and continuous control to prevent or delay the chronic complications is needed.

In fact, metabolic and endocrine diseases-diabetes, thyroid, pituitary tumors, parathyroid glands, adrenal, gonadal, calcium and bone metabolism, as well as several other hormonal diseases-are often found too late due to the prevalence has not knowledge in this field, in addition to patient noncompliance.

Once affected by diabetes, so long as life will continue to diabetes. The best that can be done is to take reasonable precautions, including routine blood sugar control, control your intake of fat and cholesterol the body, and further measure abdominal circumference.

The easiest way to detect whether someone is at risk of developing diabetes is to measure abdominal circumference. Beware if the abdominal circumference exceeded 80 cm for women and 90 cm for men. Because diabetes mellitus is a genetically inherited disease, it is important for patients to be screened family against the possibility of diabetes.


Improve Memory With Music

Music according to Aristotle, has the ability to reconcile a troubled heart. He added that listening to music is a recreational therapy that can also foster patriotism. Some people judge, good kind of music you heard was just a matter of taste. But on the other hand believes that music can affect the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual to someone.

For some parents might think that music can disrupt children's learning process. Especially if the child preferred to memorize the songs they listen to rather than have to memorize physics formulas. Did you know that music is actually able to improve memory?

One study states that music can give children an advantage in the learning process. In recent research conducted by experts, revealed the music can also be a therapy that effectively improve memory.

Studies conducted Laurel Trainor, professor of psychology, neuroscience and behavior from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario to prove, after a year studying music, a child will score better on memory tests than others who did not study music. No wonder that in modern schools in America and Europe, music is used to improve student academic achievement.

While at the rehabilitation center, music therapy is widely used to handle the problem of dementia and memory loss. This can happen because of the brain that processes music is located adjacent to the memory. So when someone train the brain with music therapy, it is automatically also trained memory.

In a study conducted by Dr. Felicity Baker, senior lecturer at the University of Queensland (UQ) School of Music revealed that music can even prove itself as a savior for people with dementia who have lost their ability to interact with a partner because of loss of memory.

Music has several advantages, namely because the music is comfortable, soothing, relaxing, structure, and universal. As a musical, the process of our lives, actually also have a rhythm. For example, our breathing, heart rate, and pulse, it all happened over and over and rhythmically.


Prevent Stroke with Banana

Do not ever underestimate a banana. Bananas have many benefits. One is to reduce the risk of stroke, just by eating three bananas every day. That is the result of experts' research  from the UK and Italy.

According to the results, three bananas that contain lots of potassium when consumed every day can reduce the risk of blood clots in the brain. Blood clots in the brain is a major cause of stroke. The potassium in bananas can also help to stabilize blood pressure and control the fluid balance in the body.

In the study also revealed, spinach, beans, and fish also contain a lot of potassium content. These foods can also help reduce the risk of stroke.

Leaders of studies suggest that potassium intake in most countries, well below the recommended daily amount. Yet only by increasing the intake of foods rich in potassium and reducing salt intake, can minimize the global annual death rate due to stroke.